Launch Your Own Fractional CFO Practice. Less Financial Uncertainty. More Confidence In The Process.

Who is Art?

Art’s career took an unexpected turn when he laid himself off as CFO from a non-profit.

Then he faced age discrimination and no suitable job offers.

This challenge led him to establish a successful fractional CFO practice, overcoming early struggles to secure a stable client base and achieve a significant six-figure income.

Today, Art not only manages a thriving business but mentors emerging fractional CFOs, sharing the wisdom gained from his resilient journey.

As he approaches retirement, Art has tailored his practice to sustain a comfortable lifestyle while working minimally, proving that strategic planning and hard work pay off.

With Art as your mentor, you can transform your career into one that brings independence, financial freedom, and fulfillment.

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Three Ways I Can Help

FREE 5-Day Fractional CFO Challenge

Join us for the transformative "Fractional CFO Challenge," a five-day virtual event designed specifically for financial professionals looking to launch and scale their own fractional CFO businesses.

Noble CFO Course & Coaching Package

Our comprehensive course and coaching packages provide financial professionals with all the tools, strategies, and personalized guidance needed to successfully launch and scale their own fractional CFO business.

CFO Business Partner License

Leverage the reputable CFO Business Partners license to launch and accelerate your career, gaining instant credibility and a trusted foundation in the fractional CFO marketplace.

The Noble CFO

Feeling unfulfilled in your career?

Dreaming of a role that truly aligns with your values?

'The Noble CFO' is your essential guide to transforming your professional life and becoming a successful consulting CFO.

Say goodbye to:

  • Job dissatisfaction

  • Feeling undervalued

  • Stress from unachieved potential

And say hello to:

  • Control over your time and income

  • Work that resonates with your values

  • Proven strategies for a thriving CFO consulting practice

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What People Are Saying

"The Noble CFO provides a practical and innovative career path for people gifted with leadership, financial insight, and a passion to make a difference in the world."

Dr. Brad Smith


Bakke Graduate University

"If every CFO were to master Art Zylstra's Six Noble Values, their careers, their organizations and our world would be a much better place."

Sharon Rich


Your Hidden Game

"Art Zylstra is an extraordinary forward thinker who has done the hard work of building a successful business when there were no models to follow."

John Robertson

CEO, Author

Focus Forward Leadership

"Art has created a guide to give you the freedom you want and the certainty you need to serve others in a new way with your financial expertise."

Manley Feinberg II


Reaching Your Next Summit!

"Art’s integrity, and commitment to the stewardship of our resources, has been a hallmark of CFO Business Partner. They are authentic in their DNA and genuinely concerned for the client’s financial health and well-being."

Norm Schulz

Executive Director

10 Talents

"Art never deviates from an honest relationship to help us move forward. The support Art provides is true Stewardship."

Brian Mead


Balancing Service Corp

"CFO Business Partner is a lifeline for our business! Our values are a direct match and as we navigate business relationships and complex decisions together, this is an essential benefit that’s not a given when hiring financial help."

Doug Strohm


Tudor Games, Inc

"In The Noble CFO, Art Zylstra offers helpful insights into the philosophy and values necessary to build a successful CFO consulting business."

John Lokhorst

CPA, PCC, Author

Mission-Critical Leadership

Each chapter of [The Noble CFO] offers a gem of wisdom that builds into a unique insight how powerful a CFO can be. It is timely and uniquely has its pulse on the future of sustainable business.

Irvine Nugent, PhD


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