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Why Become A CFO Business Partner Licensee?

Reduce risk by using a successful model already in motion

Access to mentors with been-there, done-that consulting experience

Access to exclusive training videos, articles, templates and more

Strategies for attracting high-paying clients

Becoming a licensed CFO Business Partner will give you the confidence to live out your dreams.

Hear Art share his journey to becoming an outsourced CFO

and how it’s a noble profession you can be proud to be a part of.

The thought of starting a consulting business can be an anxiety-producing process. There are many reasons, from a traditional accountant’s perspective, that are valid to decide not to go out on one’s own as a freelance consultant. However, we know relying on old data is misguided. The world is changing how we do business and, as accountants, it is prudent for us to begin thinking outside of the traditional box. The accountant’s personality has many strengths that will serve the new gig economy well. 


Do you find yourself being nagged by the thought in your mind that asks, “What am I missing? Why am I not more satisfied with my career?” Do you dream of working with a mission-driven company that aligns with your values and your goals? The answers may lie in the alternative career path of becoming a consulting CFO.

This is an exciting time to take control of your time, income, and business environment. Having a deep connection with your career motivates you to higher levels of success and satisfaction. The Noble CFO lays out an alternative career path that, if followed, will allow you to experience the satisfying and well-paid career you have always dreamed of having. The opportunity is now.

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The Noble CFO provides a practical and innovative career path for people gifted with leadership, financial insight, and a passion to make a difference in the world. This book is sure to provide a new vision and new life mission for many who read it and learn of Art’s story and the practical insights he provides.”

Dr. Brad Smith, President, Bakke Graduate University

“Each chapter of this book offers a gem of wisdom that builds into a unique insight into how powerful a CFO can be. It is timely and uniquely has its pulse on the future of sustainable business.”

Irvine Nugent, PhD, Author of Leadership Lessons From the Pub

“If every CFO were to master Art Zylstra’s Six Noble Values, their careers, their organizations and our world would be a much better place.”

Sharon Rich, Author of Your Hidden Game

“Art Zylstra is an extraordinary forward thinker who has done the hard work of building a successful business when there were no models to follow. His profound insights of what to do and what not to do are not just for CFOs, they are well defined focused forward principles to be used by every leader. This book is outstanding, grab it and read it! And then read it again!”

John Robertson, CEO, Author of Focus Forward Leadership 

“Art has created a guide to give you the freedom you want and the certainty you need to serve others in a new way with your financial expertise. Read it with an open heart and mind, and this book could transform your work and life in a way that is not only profitable, but incredibly fulfilling.”

Manley Feinberg II, Author of Reaching Your Next Summit!

“In The Noble CFO Art Zylstra offers helpful insights into the philosophy and values necessary to build a successful CFO consulting business. Take a deep dive into this book if you’re wrestling with fear and anxiety about leaving the comfort of full-time employment to join the new economy as an independent consultant–or if you’ve already done so and want to take your business to the next level.”

Jon Lokhorst, CPA, PCC, Author of Mission-Critical Leadership

Meet the Author

Art Zylstra, MBA, DTL is a seasoned and highly respected CFO. He is the founder of CFO Business Partner, a company that works with owners of for-profit and non-profit organizations to help them flourish and grow. With his MBA in Organizational Leadership and his Doctorate in Transformational Leadership, Art is wellequipped to collaborate with key members of an executive team and develop and implement key strategies across the organization.

Art is highly motivated by mission and operates with integrity, confidence, professionalism, and resourcefulness. The passion that fuels Art is the understanding that when privately held businesses steward their profits, people, partners, and places in extraordinary ways, the businesses and the community flourish.

It is Art’s mission in life to help as many businesses as possible to grow and thrive in a way that helps the community flourish. Art coaches other CFOs under the brand of CFO Business Partner to extend this influence throughout the country.


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